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Strive to Be the Best

RISE students always strive to achieve their best. Whether they are doing their school work or giving a presentation to thousands, our students dedicate all their attention to their work. Here are just a few of RISE’s top students who demonstrate leadership and hardwork.

The Rise Cup competition, in its fouth year, continues to give Rise’s best students a platform to demonstrate not only their mastery of English, but also their skills in problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork.

Every year, nearly 100,000 students from across China participate, with only 10% of these proceeding to the second round. By the final round, only 30 students remain. The final show lets student really perform, while on a select few can claim the cup.

2014's competition highlighted environmental issues for which the students had to find real-world solutions. The “global guardians” performed spectacularly, showing great academic ability and team spirit, not to mention stage presence. The students encountered obstacles along the way: tears, homesickness, last-minute changes, even failure—but they persevered, showing that the true spirit of a hero lies not only in spectacular feats, but also in the ability to persist, little by little, toward a noble goal.

2015's competition was about the student and what they had within themselves. What are worthy vitures to exhibit and how can they better the world by bettering themselves. Students focused on generosity, teamwork, respect, courage, integrity, and passion. Their mission: to find real problems and come up with a plan of action to spearhead it. Only through hard work and creativity, could students succeed.