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Curriculum Designer

Position Title: Curriculum Designer

Department: Curriculum and Teaching Research Department (CTRD)

The Opportunity

The Curriculum and Teaching Research Department (CTRD), as one of RISE's (Rise Immersion Subject English) main departments, is responsible for the design of the framework and content of RISE's subject English courses, as well as designing lesson plans, creating lesson materials to supplement existing courseware, and selecting additional educational products. The CTRD researches, develops, and compiles a complete and coherent set of educational products.

The CTRD forms RISE's academic core, and is characterized by a global vision and professional attitude. The majority of both Chinese and International employees working as curriculum developers have graduated from well-known universities in English-speaking countries, and hold degrees in education or closely related fields.

The system and standards established by RISE's CTRD constitute what could be called America's "51st state educational standards" and are considered second to none in the industry. The courses and materials created by the curriculum developers currently reach an audience of over 120,000 students at RISE's nearly 200 teaching centers throughout China. Years since its first launch, RISE continues to win the approval of educators, parents, and students.

The Curriulum and Teaching Research Department invites you to bring your enthusiasm for and understanding of this vast and developing field as part of our team.


1. Participate in the development of a core curriculum framework for kindergarten, primary, middle/high school reading, writing, math, and science courses based on existing course materials;

2. Create a body of supplementary course materials based on the curriculum framework, including researching, developing, and editing educational products (both teachers' and students' materials);

3. Participate in every step of educational product development, including revising materials based on in-class experience, teacher recommendations, student performance, and changing educational standards;

4. Design and participate in teacher training sessions;

5. Other supportive work such as voice recording, editing, brainstorming, etcetera.

In addition to having the educational qualifications described below, candidates should be caring, dedicated, patient, passionate, enthusiastic, and enjoy working with young learners.

Educational Qualifications Required

Candidates should (have):

1. A bachelor's degree awarded by an accredited university;

2. Teaching experience at the primary or middle school level (depending on position applied);

3. Be at least 24 years old (government regulations for working visas);

4. Have at least 2 years of full-time work experience (government visa regulations);

5. Experience with English language learners;

6. Familiar with American educational standards and teaching practices;

7. Native English speaker with excellent writing skills and command of grammar and language mechanics.

Preference will also be given to candidates with the following:

8. A master's degree or above in education or an education-related field from a highly-ranked university;

9. Two or more years of classroom teaching experience;

10. Experience in the development of curricula and/or writing and editing educational materials;

11. Familiar with Adobe InDesign software and/or Smartboard Notebook.

Benefits with a One-year Full-time Contract

1. Competitive salary (starting at 20,000RMB);

2. Assitance in acquiring a work visa;

3. Domestic visa expenses covered after successful completion of a one-year contract;

4. Round-trip flight reimbursement after completion of one-year contract (maximum 7000 RMB);

5. All Chinese holidays off;

6. 10 days paid vacation plus 5 sick days off with full salary;

7. Medical insurance.

Please email your cover letter and resume to hrhelp@rdchina.net with the position you are applying for as the subject.