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Headquartered in China’s bustling capital, RISE is located southeast of the famous Forbidden City. It’s nestled in Guangqumen neighborhood which boasts numerous authentic eateries and state-of-the-art shopping malls. It is just south of Beijing Railway Station and accessible via Line 7’s Guangqumen Nei station exit B.

Phone: (+86) 400-610-1100

Fax: 8610-65388409

Email: hrhelp@rdchina.net

Official Website: www.risecenter.com


Rise Headquarters

1/F Jiahe Guoxin Mansion, Suite 201

15 Baiqiao Street

Dongcheng District

Beijing, P.R. China

Address in Chinese:


How to say in Pinyin:

běi jīng shì dōng chéng qū bái qiáo dà jiē 15 hào
jiā hé guó xìn dà shà 1 céng 201 hào