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Rise is always expanding its reach by connecting with prestigous schools across America. Whether it’s a credit program, a visiting scholar program, or an academic exchange, many schools find that building a relationship with Rise leads to rewarding cultural exchanges with students who are creative, motivated problem-solvers with a fluency in English that only comes from project-based learning that RISE cultivates.

If your institution is interested in working with RISE, please contact us. We are always looking for ways to cooperate with schools who have the same vision as ours: to empower students through engaging their minds and expanding their horizons.

Whether you are interested in having RISE students enroll in your program, giving your teachers an opportunity to come to China to teach one of our summer camps, creating an exchange program, or any other collaborations, do not hesitate to start the conversation. Thank you for your interest.

Our Organization

Here are our most highly regarded liasons: