Stay True to the Mission

After ten years of growth, RISE has always adhered to educating students and staying true to their mission. RISE has promoted the concept of "subject English" from beginning to present-day. By constantly innovating, and putting forward a brand-new slogan of "The world will change because of RISE", RISE encourages children to use "thoughts" to observe this world, to use "contemplation" to understand this world, and to use "innovation" to change this world.


Extensive Upgrading

The concept of "RISE+" was proposed to fully realize the strategic upgrading plan in terms of product, service, strategy, and scale. A white paper named "The Current Situation and Trend of Chinese Children's English Learning Survey Results" was published and made a considerable impact on China's English learning industry.


Leading Innovation

RISE led and completed the 12th "Five-Year Plan" project on "Subject English Based on English Teaching and Practice". A new book called “Subject English Education Philosophy and Practice” was published. In addition, the global advanced American middle school online curricula program "RISE up" was officially launched.


Intensive Cultivation

RISE introduced an advanced American classroom teaching model. Through building a "Cooperative Learning Structure" classroom, RISE could ensure that their quality of teaching was in line with American education.


Industry Benchmark

RISE updates it mission: to establish standards for the field of "subject English", to promote the academic communication amongst teachers, and to guide the long-term standardization and development of the subject English education industry. At the same time, RISE received strategic investment from Bain Capital.


Continuous Progress

RISE successfully held its 1st Annual Subject English Project Competition across the country. In addition, the "Internationalization Education Forum" was a success; it fostered a conversation between Chinese principals and American school principals.


Outstanding Results

RISE students won prizes during participation in "CCTV Children's Talent Competition", "Leading Super English Competition", and "ACT Youth Communication and Presentation Activity". As a result, RISE is seen as a leading global educator; its outstanding results are ever more prominent. In the same year, RISE launched its newly developed Stage 5 course.


Comprehensive Groundwork

RISE becomes synonymous with American Education.


Establish Standards

RISE holds its 1st Annual National Teacher Competition, in which it won a number of industry and media awards.


Rapid Development

RISE successfully raises capital for its operations.


Company Inception

RISE teams up with international education giant, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Group, and breaks into the Chinese market, creating the new "subject English" education model.