Our Mission

Cultivate the Future Leaders of the World
RISE’s mission is to cultivate the future leaders of the world, while also developing children’s English thinking patterns and leadership skills (teamwork, presentation, and project management) in a cross-cultural environment.

Brand Orientation

Pioneers in American Education
After many years of growth, RISE has transformed from a founder to a pioneer in the English education industry. In the future, RISE will set the standards from an industry leader’s perspective and pave the way for others while taking on more social responsibilities.

Brand Slogan

The world will change because of RISE.

Brand Vision

Rise will regard its 10th anniversary as a new starting point for guiding children to observe this world through their "thoughts", to understand this world through their "contemplation", to change this world through their "innovation"–making RISE students truly unique.

Corporate Culture

RISE advocates the corporate culture of "One Platform, One Cause, One Family ".
Employees are the most important asset for sustainable growth.
Rise hopes that each employee could locate their own place within the organization and realize their true worth.

One Career, One Platform, One Family